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They grow so fast….why pay full price for 3 months of wear?

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Celebrate Mother’s Day Without the ‘Mother’ of All Charge Card Bills

Did you ever notice how the cost of brunch doubles at every restaurant on Mother’s Day? And then the cost of flowers suddenly triples? The spas are all twice as expensive and oh, yeah, if you didn’t book all these things a month ago you can forget about it anyway! Why not kick off Mother’s…

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Some Stories

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! What better way to celebrate for free than with some fun, themed stories? Find these titles at your local library or use the links I have provided to view the read aloud versions of them on You Tube. Manana Iguana by: Ann Whitford Paul is a fun re-make of the Little…

Spring Into the Season With a Kids’ Book Review

What better way to pass a rainy spring day than by reading some of these unique seasonal books? Find them at your local library or as always, enjoy them via the read aloud versions on You Tube that I have provided. 1 Big Salad by: Juana Medina was counting excitement from one to ten with these…

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