Want Cute Clothes for Your Kids, but Can’t Handle Spending Tons for Stuff They’ll Outgrow in 3 Months?

So, if you’re reading this you, like me, have small children that are growing like weeds. Chances are you, like me, like saving money for unforeseen emergencies (like when your husband goes into the attic to fix your vent fan, misses his footing, and falls through the ceiling. (I really wish I was making that up.) I stumbled upon this hidden gem years ago when my daughter was born- the glorious resale shop. I know, there’s that stigma that the only things you’ll find there are dirty, stained, full of holes, junk, but trust me- with some patience and perseverance I have scored some amazing deals! So read on over the days, and hopefully weeks to come and you will learn 4 years of my tricks and tips to keep your kids looking good, but your wallet full!





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