Superbowl Savings

Does your husband’s Super Bowl party leave you ‘super’ annoyed and your kids ‘super’ bored? Don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas for you that’ll make the Super Bowl ‘super’ fun but won’t leave your wallet ‘super’ empty!

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The ‘Puppy Bowl’: It’s hard to believe that the ‘Puppy Bowl’ is going on its eighteenth year already, but if you haven’t heard of it before and you are an animal lover you simply must check it out! The official Puppy Bowl is only available on Animal Planet and is several hours of footage of the most adorable puppies and kittens rassling around on a tiny football field mockup. It’s hilarious and cute and all the animals featured are actually up for adoption. If you don’t have access to Animal planet, click on the link below for some free clips from previous years’ Puppy Bowls to keep your kids entertained with cuteness! (Image courtesy of (puppy bowl clip)

Baking: We ‘scored’ some football themed cookie cutters at Walmart inside a Wilton variety pack of cookie cutters ( and we used them to bake and decorate our own peanut butter cookies to eat during half time.

Crafts: Using some green and brown construction paper and white crayons we made our very own footballs and football field to decorate for the big game.

Remember those cookie cutters? They worked great as stencils for our own football themed posters.

And don’t forget about free printable coloring pages! Clink on the links below to print them out. (smiling trophy and smiling football) (bear’s helmet) (football)

Theme Baths: It was a stretch, but I did manage to find these cute football themed rubber ducks at Walmart in the baby isle. It was a winning touchdown when the kids got in the tub to play with these without a fight! Here’s the link to Oriental trading company’s website where they offer similar rubber ducks- just make sure you wait for free shipping!–a2-42_4323.fltr?BP=PS544&ms=search&source=bing&cm_mmc=BingPLA-_-361528487-_-1175378818609907-_-42%2F4323&msclkid=6ab323c6bc5e1aaed1ee4231b365fd27

Commercial Bingo: I totally stole this idea from something I saw on Party City’s website. Of course, you can purchase them at the link below, but they are fairly easy and cheap to make. Cut out some squares of green construction paper, draw a Bingo grid on them, then fill out the squares with popular commercial topics- beer, chips, websites, cars, and don’t forget the ‘free’ space in the middle. Then sit back, watch the commercials and see who gets to yell ‘Bingo’ first!

Old commercials: Thanks to the power of the internet, we can re-hash our favorite oldie, but goodie Super Bowl commercials. Maybe even throw a ‘viewing party’ in the basement for anyone who doesn’t care for football. Perhaps have an ‘Oscar’s’ style vote for best commercial of all time. You can even click on this handy link for my other blog- Mind of Marie to view my favorite Super Bowl commercials!

Be creative and have fun this Super Bowl season whether you actually watch the game or not!





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