Bunny Basket Bargains

Wanna give a great gift this Easter, but aren’t a fan of your check book bouncing down the bunny trail after Peter Cottontail? Then check out some of my cute, yet affordable basket filler finds.

Teenage Dreams Basket: From left to right: ‘smart chick’ socks (other styles available), mini nail kit, bunny tail Whoppers candy, Easter Mike ‘N’ Ike candy (Dollar Tree, $1.25 each). Peeps fake nail kit ($4.00), edible Easter grass ($2.50 available in green/blue as well) (Five Below). Bunny color change straws ($.98), Peeps nail polish ($4.99, other colors available) (Walmart). Peeps band aids ($1.00), Lip Smackers Easter lip balm ($5.00, Spider Man available too), Bunny bath bomb with charm inside ($5.49), Peeps bath bomb ($1.00), Bunny Lego kit ($4.99), Easter scented Kinetic Sand ($3.49) (Target).

Estimated Cost: $35.00

Toys for Toddlers: Left to right: Peeps lollipop ($2.19), Kinder Joy ($1.59) (Target). 5in Squishmallow plush chick ($5.00 and up; Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Clair’s, Learning Express). Egg shaped chalk ($1.25 The Dollar Tree). Bunny bubble wand ($3.00 Party City). Easter Play Doh stampers ($5.00 Target).

Estimated Cost: $18.00

The Baker’s Sweet Treat Basket: Left to right: Funfetti spring cupcake mix ($1.50), Funfetti spring cupcake frosting/sprinkles ($1.50) (Walmart). Wilton carrot shaped whisk ($4.99) (Target). Carrot patch cupcake decorating kit ($2.97) (Walmart).

Estimated Cost: $11.00

The Ultimate Family Snack Basket: Left to right: Easter themed Oreos ($3.98) (Walmart). Easter Goldfish Crackers ($1.89) (Target). Color change bunny drinking straws ($.98) (Walmart). Bunny/chick face lollipops, bunny cottontail cotton candy, gummy carrots (1.25 ea.) (Dollar Tree). Edible easter grass ($2.50) (Five Below). Warheads sour bunnies ($1.25) (Dollar Tree).

Estimated Cost: $15.00

The Big Kid Basket: Left to right: Bunny fidget popper ($12.99/4 pack) (Amazon.com). Peeps Pez dispenser ($2.00), Jumbo chalk with holder ($1.00, assorted styles), bubbles ($1.00, assorted styles) (Five Below). Crayola bath paint, Sponge Bob Crabby Patties candy, bunny/chick face lollipops ($1.25 ea.) (Dollar Tree). Easter Lego kit ($4.99), dino egg building block kit ($3.00), Peeps dough kit ($3.00), Kinder Joy egg ($1.59) (Target).

Estimated Cost: $24.00

The Bubble Bath Basket: From top to bottom: Assorted Easter themed rubber ducks ($7.29/doz) (Oriental Trading Company). Peeps bath fizzers ($1.00), Crayola pastel bath paint ($1.00) (Target). Crayola Bath Foam ($5.12/per 2 pack), Crayola foaming bath soap ($4.97) (Walmart).

Estimated Cost: 13.00

The Peeps Party Basket: left to right: Jumbo Peeps candy ($1.25) (Five Below). Peeps pancake pan ($5.48) (Walmart). Peeps plush bunny ($5.99) (Meijer). Peeps Pez dispenser ($2.00) (Five Below). Peeps press on nails ($4.00) (Five Below). Peeps nail polish ($4.99) (Walmart). Peeps lollipop ($2.19), Peeps dough ($3.00) Peeps bath fizzer ($1.00) (Target). Peeps original marshmallow candy ($1.25) (Dollar Tree). Peeps band aids ($1.00) (Target).

Estimated Cost: $32.00

Feel free to mix and match items and candy to fit your desired budget, themes, and age range of recipient. Also, don’t forget to stop by your local resale shop to stock up on baskets and buckets of all shapes and sizes as well as plastic Easter Eggs, cellophane roll wrap, and fake Easter grass for dirt cheap! Hope these ideas help keep your Easter Bunny on his/her budget!





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