Money-Wise Mother’s Day

Hey Dads! This blog post is for you! Time to give mom the best Mother’s Day gift EVER- some free time to herself! Here’s my low and no cost ways to keep the kiddos at bay this Mother’s Day.

Let mom sleep in while you keep the kids busy with some Mother’s Day themed free read alouds:

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In T. Rex and the Mother’s Day Hug by: Lois G. Grambling little T.Rex has the right idea. Instead of BUYING Mamma Rex something for Mother’s Day he wants to DO something nice for her. Except that everything he does for her goes wrong from accidentally turning the living room into a swamp to wallpapering Auntie onto the dining room wall to err…detailing Mamma Rex’s car so she can find it easily at the mall. In the end, a hug was the best gift ever! (T. Rex and the Mother’s Day Hug read aloud)

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What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day by: Martha Simpson offers such good advice as ‘don’t give her a bucket of worms unless she’s a bird’. Other gems include: no beat-up shoes unless she’s a dog, no dead flies unless she’s a spider, and no rotting logs unless she’s a salamander. You get the idea. Maybe just stick with a big hug and kiss! (What not to give read aloud)

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How to Raise a Mom by: Jean Reagan joins two very smart siblings as they share their tips for raising a happy and healthy mom. Listen closely and take notes on how to let mom sleep in, make her breakfast, help her pick her morning outfit, and don’t forget to bring a snack and a toy to help her be patient in line at the grocery store. Whew! Who knew raising a mom could be so much work? (How to raise a mom read aloud)

Let mom take a shower by herself for once while the kids burn off some extra energy with these free Mother’s Day themed workouts:

You choose. Exercise with ‘selfie mom’ or ‘dance mom’ in this hilarious themed workout! (Mother’s Day This or That work out)

Our favorite Mr. G is back with a Mother’s Day version of the ‘Would You Rather’ workout. (PE with MR. G Would You Rather Mother’s Day edition work out)

Mom’s still not done in the shower? Then rock out with Jack Hartmann to buy her some more time:

The Jack Hartmann ‘MOMMY’ song is akin to the good old-fashioned Bingo Was His Name-o song. Kids can learn to spell the word ‘mommy’ while clapping and laughing along to the graphics. (Jack Hartmann MOMMY song)

Remind your kids of all the reasons why they love mom with Jack Hartmann’s endearing ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ song. (Jack Hartmann Happy Mother’s Day song)

Did you forget to buy mom a gift? No Sweat! Buy her time to use the bathroom alone for once by having the kids help you make one.

Helping Hands is a quick and easy craft for which you will need: construction paper, scissors, and a marker. Have kids trace their hand on the piece of construction paper and then cut it out. Help them to write ‘a helpful hand was here’ on one side and their name and a chore they plan to help with on the other side. Finally, do something to help mom like folding the laundry or putting away the dishes. Leave the ‘helpful hand’ behind so mom knows who to thank later.

Image courtesy of Pintrest (Helping hands tutorial video)

Or treat mom to a homemade Spa Day. You can purchase goofy themed face masks like the winter ones pictured below at Target for relatively cheap or you can use the recipe below to make your own.,Then%20rinse%20with%20warm%20water. (Recipes for homemade face masks) (Target’s face mask selection)

Don’t let mom forget to exfoliate with a homemade scrub. Then give her a hand and foot massage with her favorite lotion. My kids also love giving me backrubs on our ‘spa days’ too. They are not always the most relaxing, but they are always given with love. (recipes for homemade scrubs)

Is mom outdoorsy and crafty? You and the kids could volunteer to be mom’s landscaping crew for the day. That doesn’t always mean you have to plant flowers of course, but that is a fun Mother’s Day activity and Walmart definitely has the cheapest prices on annuals (the flowers that only live one season) around. Cleaning up trash, raking, and putting down mulch are other ways to help in the garden and share some fun time out in the fresh air with mom.

My little landscaping crew planting some sunflower seeds.

Hopefully this post has helped you and the kids give mom the best (and most affordable) Mother’s Day ever!





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