Savy Summer Craft Corner: Sandy Beach

If this hot summer weather has got you and your kids thinking thoughts of the beach then enjoy this quick, easy, and free themed craft project!

B is for beach today! Teach your kids the second letter of the alphabet with this fun seasonal project. Take a piece of white drawing paper and write B-E-A-C-H on it in school glue. Then have the kids pour sand from the sandbox over the wet glue. Once it dries you can decorate your sandy beach however you like. We dipped seashells in paint and then pressed them onto the paper, but you could use sponges, crayons, or stickers to make your beach your very own!

Looking for more fun summer craft ideas? Check these out: (footprints in the sand craft) (Chika Chika Boom Boom tree project)

Happy Crafting! Happy summer!





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