Savy Summer Craft Corner: Footprints in the Sand

Today’s craft corner project has been brought to us by the letter ‘H’ for heat and high humidity. Cool off with an air conditioning break and this fun and simple summer craft!

You will need: white drawing paper, acrylic paint in light brown, dark brown, and blue, a sponge, and your kid’s feet. First, paint the bottom half of your paper light brown for the sand. Next, sponge paint the top half of your paper blue to make your crashing ocean waves. Once your beach and ocean have dried, have your kids dunk their feet in the dark brown paint to make ‘footprints’ on their beach. I took the opportunity to have them brainstorm some beach themed words like ocean, wave, and sand so we could practice spelling and writing. Framed, these make a great keepsake for grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Looking for more fun summer craft ideas? Check these out: (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree project) (Sandy Beach project)

Happy summer crafting!





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