Savy Summer Craft Corner: Painless Patriotic Projects

Looking for some frugal, fun, family friendly projects for the Fourth of July? Look no further!

Toilet Paper Tube Confetti Popper: We made these for New Year’s Eve, but they are also a safe alternative to Fourth of July Fireworks that kids of all ages can celebrate safely with. You will need: a toilet paper tube, construction paper, balloon, some tape, and scissors. Check out the link below for assembly instructions. (Toilet paper tube confetti popper assembly instructions)

Mason Jar Fireworks Display: We made these patriotic mason jars as a festive and safe way to enjoy the Fourth of July after dark. First, have fun pouring red, white, and blue paint (I used the left-over paint that comes in those suncatcher painting kits) into your mason jar. Swirl it around, but not too much or your paint will mix and turn purple. Add glitter and decorate the outside with patriotic puffy stickers while the inside dries. Add a battery-operated LED candle to the inside (these star shaped ones were available in the Walmart dollar bin) and watch it glow!

Fourth of July Science Fun: Learn about liquid density with Fireworks in a Jar, stratification with red, white, and blue skittles, and chemical reactions with the Fizzy Fourth of July eruption project. Check out the links below for instructions for all three projects. (Fireworks in a jar instructions) (Skittles instructions) (Fizzy Fourth of July instructions)

Be safe and have fun this Fourth of July!





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