Save with Summer Story Time

With no end to the summer heat in sight why not grab the kids and take refuge in the air conditioning at the library? In case you’re new to the library check out my previous blog post- Learn to Love your Local Library (link below) to familiarize yourself with all that your library has to offer including a myriad of story time options.

Check out the fliers below for information on nighttime story times (Stories Under the Stars) and Saturday story times- both perfect options for working parents. Pressed for time? Grab a story time in a bag or do a virtual story time. If you crave the great outdoors, then Leroy Oakes or Hickory Knolls are your story time destinations. Leroy Oakes offers a drop-in story time inside the nature center, or you can head outside and take a short hike (geared toward younger kids/babies with strollers) while reading a story that’s been posted on signs along the side of the trail. Hickory Knolls offers a similar program called twin leaf tales as well as a much longer story time hike (suitable for toddlers and older children). Saint Charles library also offers an infant story time, sensory story time, and story time in Spanish!

Story time in a bag, drop-in story time, infant story time, sensory story time, virtual story time, nature center story time, evening story time info
Saturday/Spanish story time info
Story walk at Leroy Oakes info

Check out the links below for more information on St. Charles library, Hickory Knolls, and Leroy Oakes. (St. Charles library kids’ events calendar) (Hickory Knolls/Twinleaf Tales info) (Leroy Oakes website)

Don’t feel like venturing out in the heat? Check out my Kid’s Summer Book Review (link below) post for some free read alouds you can enjoy in your very own home.

Don’t have a library card? No worries! Check out my previous post Fabulous and Free (link below) for information on local book boxes where you can help yourself to a potluck of free books. Keep them, read them, put them back in the box to share with others, add some of your own books that you’re done reading-enjoy!

Stay cool while you enjoy a summer story time!





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