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Hi there all you Thrifty Mom subscribers! First off, I would like to say a great big thank you for following my blog. I started blogging in 2020 to keep my sanity during quarantine and I have to admit, it was a pretty slow start. I’m up to over 80 subscribers now and hope to keep growing in the future. I am nowhere out of ideas yet, but I thought I would try something new and ask my subscribers what they would like to see for the next Thrifty Mom post. So please don’t hesitate to fill up that comment box with whatever kid related, family friendly subjects you would like me to cover!

Drawing a blank? It could be an interview with me, a craft idea, a kids play place or museum or community event that you would like me to check out and report on. It could be a project, a science experiment, or a ‘family experience’ that you are curious about. Suggestions of movies, books, or places you would like to be reviewed. I could certainly do another thrift shopping or kids clothes clearance article. Let me know! Again, just make sure it is kid related and family friendly. I look forward to hearing all your suggestions!

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