A Flea What, Now?

When I was a kid, I’m ashamed to admit that I thought a Flea Market was a place people went to buy fleas. Then I went to my first Flea Market and realized that was sooo not the case. For those of you bargain hunters who have never experienced a Flea Market you are in for a treat. Think carnival meets farmers market meets antique store meets craft fair meets garage sale.

Like the clearance isle at Wal-Mart, you NEVER know what you will find. To me, the woman that enjoys the thrill of the hunt, the Flea Market is a dream come true. I will caution you, as I did with resale shops, DO NOT go with a specific list of things that you need to find. You will not have a good time, nor will you find what you are looking for. If you need something specific in a finite amount of time, then stick to a regular store. If you want to spend the day puttering around with friends or family and treasure hunting, then you have come to the right place.

My most prized find at the Kane County Flea Market was a complete set of used Paw Patrol figures for my daughter for eleven dollars. We also scored the best popcorn ever, some uniquely flavored cotton candy, and some delicious homemade jelly. I have also gotten some really hardy locally grown plants for my garden.

Other things you can find are those old windows everyone is crazy about, barn wood, anything handmade, jewelry, anything collectable, and up cycled everything. Think ‘Portabelo Road’ in the old Angela Lansbury movie Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, “Street where the riches of ages are stowed. Anything and everything a chap can unload…” You’ll find it there at the Kane County fair.

Obviously, you will need to do some hunting to find Flea Markets in your area. Two of my favorites are the Kane County flea Market and the Dupage County Flea Market (links included below). Dupage County looks like they are doing the super fun ‘overnight’ Flea Market again this year.


DuPage County Fairgrounds

So, as always,

Happy shopping and happy Flea Market hunting!





4 thoughts on “A Flea What, Now?

  1. Hilarious!!! That was my first thought when I heard the term “flea market” as well! I, however, was no longer a child when I first heard the term….so…ahmmmm…..this is actually the first time I’ve ever admitted that!!! Cheers and thanks for the laugh! 🤣💝😊


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