Pennywise Park Day

Even though the days are getting shorter, don’t throw in the towel on summer fun and park it in front of the TV. Try parking it at the park instead!

St. Mary’s Park in St. Charles is an amazing place to spend an afternoon with your family. It offers a playground, boat launch for canoes and kayaks, picnic shelter, tennis court, basketball court, impressive view of the Fox River, and a sculpture exhibit!

Looking for more information: (sculptures in the park info) (info on Mt. St. Mary’s Park)

Wanna rent a bike? Check out Sammy’s! You can rent a bike and take off along the beautiful Fox River Trail to the Fabyan Windmill and Fabyan Villa Museum Geneva!

You know the best part? Outside of a bike rental fee, all of these activities are…..FREE!

Happy ‘Parking’!





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