Kids Back to School Book Review

Get the kids ‘geeked up’ to head back to school with some of my favorite ‘scholarly’ themed books. Enjoy some new titles as well as a couple ‘oldie, but goodies’ from my childhood.

Natasha Wing is at it again with another clever re-working of the classic ‘Night Before Christmas’ poem in The Night Before Kindergarten and The Night Before First Grade. When the kindergartner’s leave for their first day of school it’s actually the parents that wind up crying ‘boohoo’. Meanwhile, in first grade the worst possible thing happens- some besties wind up in ‘the other class’! But tragedy turns into a great opportunity to make new friends in the end! (Kindergarten read aloud) (First Grade read aloud)

Image courtesy of Thrift Books

The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash by: Trinka Hakes Noble is a throwback from my childhood. Zany falling haystacks, crying cows, crashing farmers, pigs on the school bus, and a corn fight all culminate somehow in Jimmy’s pet boa constrictor getting loose and eating the laundry during a crazy, mishap filled school field trip to a farm. (Jimmy’s Boa read aloud)

In Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School by: Herman Parish the scatter-brained maid of the 80’s children’s books has been reinvented into a relatable fun little girl. We follow young Amelia Bedelia as she takes everything way too literally on her first day of school and consequently glues her seat to her chair. (Amelia Bedelia read aloud)

Image courtesy of Thrift Books

Miss Nelson Has a Field Day by: James Marshall is another throwback favorite for me. The Smedley Tornados football team is so bad even the principle is hiding under his desk from the big Thanksgiving Day game. With the whole school despairing it’s up to Miss Nelson to save the day….with a little help from good old Miss Viola Swamp. (Miss Nelson read aloud)

Hope your kiddos have a wonderful and safe return to school!





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