Bargain Baseball

The average cost for a major league baseball game outing for a family of four is around $400. Yup, you read that right- FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! Talk about hitting one right out of the park (and the budget)! Here’s some ideas for still enjoying an opportunity to take your family out to the ball game without having to skip the Cracker Jack!

Pitch Hit with the Minor Leagues: If you don’t have room in the budget for a major league game, why not try a minor league one? These teams still boast the feel of a traditional baseball game without the major league price tag. These games are a great option for anyone with small children whose attention spans often fall short of the seventh inning. Check out the links below for two of the minor league teams in my neck of the woods: Schaumburg Boomers and Kane County Cougars. Kane County Cougars runs a nice co-op with the local schools for an incentivized reading program. Kids can earn a free baseball ticket, hot dog, and backpack if they complete the program.

Kane Co. Cougars:

Kane Co. Cougars reading program:

Schaumburg Boomers:

Major League Discount Days: Another option for saving some money is to take advantage of major league discount days. Typically, food and parking are still full price, but at least you can save some money on the ticket. Check out the links below for the current discounts offered by Cubs and White Sox.

White Sox promotions:

Cubs’ promotions:

Cubs’ kids Sundays promotions:

Turn Your Livingroom into ‘Home Plate’: You don’t have to go to a stadium to share a baseball experience with your family. Why not turn your living room into your own personal sky box? Move the couch cushions around, add some extra pillows and blankets, grab some snacks and drinks, open the windows, and crank up the volume on a televised baseball game. You can’t beat the short line for the bathroom and the prices at the concession stand!

Baseball Movie Night: Kids not really into watching the baseball game? Why not have a movie night instead with a baseball themed family friendly movie? You can rent most older movies from your local library for free. Check out the following family friendly titles: Everyone’s a Hero, Air Bud, The Sandlot, Angels in the Outfield.

Baseball Bedtime Reads: Kids all spun up from their first big game? Here’s a couple fun books you can check out for free at your local library (or click on the links to watch the free read alouds on YouTube) to help carry the theme of the day on into their dreams:

Who’s on First? By: Abbott and Costello, Illustrated by: John Martz.  John Martz has done a brilliant job illustrating the old radio comedy skit by Abbot and Costello thereby bringing clarity to it for the next generation.  It will defiantly leave you asking, ‘Who is on first!” (Who’s On First read aloud)

Goodnight, Baseball by: Michael Dahl is a play on the classic book Goodnight Moon. Readers will follow a little boy through his first visit to the baseball stadium.  When the game is over and the night draws in its time to say goodnight to the crowd, the teams, the diamond, the grass, home plate, the mascot, the stadium, the cars and the stars.  Finally, he wishes goodnight to the moon which has been cleverly illustrated into a baseball. (Goodnight, Baseball read aloud)

Hopefully these tips will help you hit a home run with your family and your wallet as you score one last grand slam to end your summer.




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