Shiver Me Timbers, It’s a Kids’ Pirate Book Review

Listen up Mateys, bedtime shouldn’t be as painful as walking the plank! Check out some of our favorite pirate themed books to send your young buccaneers sailing peacefully off to bedtime. If you can’t find these titles at your local library, don’t break out the cannons and swords! I have included links to the free read aloud versions on YouTube. Enjoy me hearties!

In Pirates on the Farm by: Denette Fretz we join a settler era farm family as they get some interesting new neighbors.  At first everyone is terrified. The townsfolk are so unsettled they even go so far as to form a ‘Ban the Buccaneers Brigade’.   But in the end, everyone learns that with a little help, love, and understanding there’s no reason to fear people and habits that are different from your own. (Farm Pirates read aloud)

Bad Pirate by: Kari-Lynn Winters was whimsically illustrated in the classic style of Peter Pan…but with dogs rather than people.  These literal ‘sea dogs’ embody what the perfect pirate should be- bad natured, horrible, saucy, bold, selfish… Well, all except the captain’s daughter who can’t help but be the opposite which frustrates her father.  But when the ship hits a squall, she proves that being selfless is sometimes much better than being selfish. (Bad Pirate read aloud)

Grumpy Pirate by: Corinne Demas and Artemis Roehrig joins Grumpy Gus the pirate who no matter what is always grumpy. In fact, he whines so much the crew wants him to walk the plank. The wise pirate queen has a better solution involving an even brattier, whinier parrot! In the end, Gus trades in his frown for a smile and find’s life’s much better as Grinning Gus. (Grumpy Pirate read aloud)

Have you ever met a Pirasaurus? No? Well, you will in Pirasaurs by: Josh Funk. Contrary to what you may think, the life of a Pirasaur is not an easy one.  The colorful crew including Bronto beard, Triceracook and, Velocimate must learn to work together to find the treasure and survive the seven seas! (Pirasaurus read aloud)

In There Was An Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map by: Lucille Colandro we go on a culinary adventure with an old pirate who has ‘eclectic taste’. You and your family will learn all sorts of nautical terms as she nibbles on maps, ropes, swords, and spyglasses…perhaps she’ll need some Tums by the time she makes port? (There Was an Old Pirate read aloud)

I hope you enjoyed sailing the seven seas to bedtime with these books!





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