Pennywise Pirates

Aaaaargh ya looking for a fun themed family day that will spare your change from walking the plank? Look no further Mateys for below is the treasure map to a thrifty pirate themed adventure!

Rise and Shine with a Family Workout…Pirate Style: Nothing will drive the mutiny from your crew faster than a little physical activity! To watch any of the themed workouts below click on the ‘copy link’ area in the upper right-hand corner of the box and paste it into your browser (if this feature is not working, Please Let Me Know in the comments section and I will fix it) If this feature is not available, I have included the link- just click on it and it should take you right to YouTube. (Shark Chase workout link)

Below is a link to another fun workout, but I was unable to get an image for it. You should check it out anyway! (Brain break pirate chase workout) (Jack Sparrow workout)

Sneak in Some Learning with a Classic Sea Chantey: Do your little buccaneers still have energy to burn? Try some singing and learning instead of breaking out the bucket and mop for swabbing the decks. All of the selections below have the ‘copy link’ option in the upper right-hand corner.

Open a Treasure Chest of Crafts: Be there crafty pirates abord your ship? If so, then the ideas below will keep them happier than a Jolly Roger!

Create your own pirate alphabet inscribed on authentic treasure map paper.

We used a large sheet of drawing paper and sponge painted it with brown acrylic paint to achieve that authentic treasure map texture.
Feel free to plunder any of our word ideas. The letter ‘Z’ was cut off by a rowdy parrot, but it was ‘Zing’…as in the sound swords make when they clang together (a bit of a stretch I know).

Play Doh Plunder: I found this adorable Play Doh kit on clearance at TJMaxx for $3. I can still find it available on for $8.95.

Paint Your Own Treasure Chest: I found this DIY kit from Melissa and Doug. Check it out here: My kids spent hours painting, stickering, and revising so I felt it was well worth the money. However, you can save some cash by having them decorate a small cardboard box or egg carton instead.

Go on a Language Learning Treasure Hunt: Since we already had our marvelous treasure chests painted and ready to go, I filled them with chocolate coins, pennies, and fake plastic Jewlery from Party City and buried them in a secret location. The kids had to learn some Spanish (thank you Google translate) to discover the secret location and dig up their plunder.

Buried Treasure Archeology: I found these buried treasure dig kits for $3 at Party City while I was stocking up on loot for our language learning treasure hunt. I recommend doing your ‘dig’ outside as they were pretty messy.

If you are feeling super crafty you can recreate this kit at home with flour and Elmer’s glue. Check out the recipe here:

If you’re local to the St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva or surrounding areas check out this free pirate themed treasure hunt at the St. Charles library:

Go on a Real Pirate Cruise Adventure: This one was definitely not free, but still thrifty. St. Charles offers themed paddle boat cruises throughout the summer. This particular pirate themed one ran about $12.00 per person but was well worth it. The kids got free princess crowns and wands or eye patches. There was coloring, temporary tattoos, and a visual scavenger hunt. The ride lasted about 45 minutes…about the limits of my four-year old’s attention span. Sadly, the riverboat is closed for the season but be on the lookout for it next summer and book your pirate cruise at:

Visit a Pirate Themed Park: Pirates Cove theme park is located in Elk Grove Illinois. A bit of a hike for us out in the Fox River Valley, but well worth it for your 0–9-year old’s entertainment. Admission for non-residents runs about $10. Check your mailbox for coupons coming in the summer coupon flyers. Again, the park is just about shutting down for the season but make sure you keep it in mind for next summer. There’s a pirate boat ride, a real wooden pirate ship to picnic on, a carousel, playground, climbing wall, bounce house, and safari train ride! Check out the link below for more information. (Check back next spring for coupons)

Send Them Sailing Off to Sleep with a Buccaneer Bedtime Story: Check out the link below to my Kid’s Pirate Book Review blog post for pirate themed books to read for nap or bedtime. I have the links included so you can watch them as read alouds on YouTube for free!

I hope you enjoyed a mutiny free day of pirate fun!




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