Kids Free Fall Fitness

Mmmmm….who doesn’t love fall goodies? Candy apples, candy corns, apple cider doughnuts, fun size candy bars, hot apple cider, pumpkin pie…oh my! I think it’s time to pre-burn some of those fall calories with these fun themed kids work outs.

Some of the images below will have a ‘copy’ feature in the upper right-hand corner which you can copy and paste into your browser. For ease of use I have also included a link that will take you directly to the clip right under each image. (Pumpkin Workout link) (Brain Break fall Fitness link) (Fall Freeze Dance link) (Fall Fitness Run link) (Pumpkin Battle link) (Fall Chase link) (Fall Yoga link)

Hope you and your family enjoyed getting their ‘Autmn burn’ on!





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