Awesome Apple Crafts

I wish I could take credit for all the ‘fall fruit inspired’ awesomeness contained within this post, however, a quick Google search for ‘apple crafts’ revealed a ‘bushel’ of creativity which simply doesn’t grow in my orchard. If you are looking to fill your pie crust with more project ideas, then click on the links provided for more fall/back to school apple craft ideas from the ‘craft experts’ out there.

Apple Painting: I love the simplicity and cost effectiveness of this project. We grabbed an apple off the apple tree in the back yard, cut it in half, dipped the half in finger paint, and used it to ‘stamp’ our apple shapes onto paper. Then we explored the shape the apple made and used it as a teaching moment to discover what letter the word apple starts with.

Free Coloring Pages: I really liked this site- for the selection of coloring pages and the ease of use. Simply click on the link below the desired image, click print, and you are done and coloring in no time. No pop ups or formatting issues to deal with! Below are only a few of the many options that were available. For this post I selected images that offered educational opportunities such as spelling, letter recognition, and counting.

Construction Paper Apples: This was an adorable way to practice scissor skills. I also love that most parents will already have the construction paper and scissors handy. The brass tack for the top will not run you much and can be found in any office supply store. Check out the link below for instructions.

Image courtesy of Simple Everyday Mom

Paper Plate Apple Orchard: Another great fall themed project that can be whipped up with things you probably already have around the house such as a paper plate, glue, and construction paper. I also saw an option where the kids painted the plate their desired ‘apple’ color instead of using the construction paper. Check out the link below for instructions and more great ideas.

Image courtesy of The Kindergarten Connection

Apple Core with Popsicle Sticks: This one may take a bit more of an investment if you don’t have a bunch of popsicle sticks and foam laying around. You could also sub in construction paper for the foam if that is something you have more readily available. Check out the link below for instructions and the free printable pattern as well as more great ideas.

Image courtesy of Dear Creatives

Apple Handprint/Footprint Painted Keepsakes: Yup, stole this one off Etsy. I love how cute and simple it is. All you need is some thick white card stock, red finger paint, and a marker to draw in the stem, leaf, and words. If you choose to invest in a nice frame then voila, you have the perfect gift for grandparents with fall birthdays.

For more fall craft ideas check out a previous blog post of mine- Free Fall Fun:

Hope your apple crafting was a ‘slice’!





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