Howling for a Halloween Kids Book Review

Just in case you didn’t get enough Halloween reading fun with these titles last year: (Last year’s Kid’s Halloween book review)

My kids and I found a few more ‘bone-chillingly’ good reads for a ‘not too scary’ themed story time. You can ‘literally’ ‘check them out’ at your local library or watch them being read aloud for free with the links I have provided below each description.

Bonaparte Falls Apart by: Margery Cuyler was a delightful tale about a skeleton boy who has an embarrassing problem- bits and pieces of him fall off randomly wherever he goes.  In private he is able to hide his differences, but now it’s time to start school and he is certain the other kids will laugh at him.  Luckily, he has a trio of awesome friends who try to help him.  After some failed attempts a ‘bone fetching’ dog named Mandible saves the day.  When Bonaparte and Mandible start school, they become a literal ‘jaw-dropping sensation’. (Bonapart read aloud)

I don’t know about my kids, but I loved Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies by: Megan and Jorge Lacera. It was so original and included Spanish language learning as well.  Poor little zombie Mo loves to eat veggies as opposed to brains and guts and goo.  His well-meaning, zomb-rents (that’s zombie parents) try to understand why Mo just won’t eat like a zombie. Mo, in his turn, tries to show his parents why he prefers peppers to pinkie toes by making them Gazpacho which they try, but hate.  In the end they realize that just because he is different, Mo is still a zombie through and through and they accept him for who he is- their veggie loving zombie son. (Zombie read aloud)

In Zombelina by: Kristyn Crow a young zombie girl finds that although she may be green and stitched together, there’s absolutely no reason she can’t live her dream of being a ballerina.  At first the other girls at Madame Maladroit’s dance class don’t agree, but Zombelina doesn’t let their doubts get to her.  She throws her heart and um…’soul’ into practicing for the recital.  On the day of the show everyone comes to watch the ‘bewitching’ little dancer who’s ‘so good it’s scary!’ (Zombelina read aloud)

Bedtime for Boo by Mickie Matheis is a fun, rhyming story perfect for putting your little ghouls to sleep on Halloween night.  Boo the ghost is finally old enough to stay up late and go out haunting with his family.  It’s fun, but like any little kid the extra excitement has left him too wound up to sleep.  Patient mother ghost urges him to relax and listen to the calming sounds of the haunted house. In the end Boo’s mom’s technique sends Boo into a hauntingly good sleep. (Bedtime read aloud)

Hope you and your ‘little monsters’ enjoyed these Halloween reads.





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