Halloween Candy Hacks

It’s T-minus 5 days till Halloween and the most terrifying thing I can think of right now are the prices of the treats this year! Here are my tips for finding the cheapest chocolate and the sweetest deals.

Buy on Clearence: Let’s face it; despite expiration dates most candy never really expires. Especially if you freeze it or keep it in a cool, dry location you can store individually wrapped candies almost indefinitely.

Your Strategy: No matter how much you never want to see another piece of Halloween candy on the day after Halloween THAT is when you need to get to the store to scoop up armfuls of candy (squirrel style) to store for next year.

What if There’s Nothing Left on the Clearence rack: Who says that the candy you give out to trick or treaters has to have Halloween wrappers on it? Keep your eyes open for sales throughout the year on candy that is wrapped in regular wrappers but is packaged in an Easter or Christmas themed outer wrapper.

Obviously, these tricks are only going to treat you next year. That probably leaves you asking: What about the candy I need now? I’m glad you asked.

Candy Cost Comparison for 2022:

Costco: If you wanna be ‘that awesome house’ Costco has 30 full sized bars for $20.79.

Walmart: Walmart, not surprisingly, comes in cheapest for bulk chocolate over 200 pieces. They are offering 225 pieces for $14.74. Check out the rest of their candy deals at the link below:


Farm and Fleet: Farm and Fleet comes in second place at $14.99 for a 220 count of deliciousness. Check out the rest of their selection at the link below:


Party City: Party City was a bit more on the expensive side at $20 for the same 225 count that Walmart is selling for $14. Checkout the rest of their selection at the link below:


Oriental Trading Company: If you are looking for candy in super bulk sizes (we’re talking 1,000 pieces) for trunk or treats this is the place to find it. Also, if you need bulk in non-candy treats they have tons of little Halloween themed toys. Just make sure you are taking advantage of free shipping. Check out their website below:


Meijer: Meijer was one of the pricier ones at $22.99 for a 225 count. Check out the rest of their candy at:


Target: Target is offering this nice size 315 count of fruity, chewie goodness for $24.99. Check out the rest of their candy deals at:


Happy Halloween! May your candy bucket stay full, and your siding stay egg free!





2 thoughts on “Halloween Candy Hacks

  1. I noticed that the candy coupons that came in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago have an expiration date for mid November. In the past it’s been on 10/31. This will be helpful to save a little extra on the after Halloween clearance purchases 😃

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