Cheap and Easy Last Minute Kids Halloween Costumes

I usually rely on the Goodwill for my kids Halloween costumes. This is certainly the time of year to find oodles of ‘like new’ costumes that kids wore once and then outgrew on the racks of any resale shop.

Now is also the time of year to haunt The Dollar Tree for great costume accessories like bumblebee wings, pirate swords, and nun chucks.

I also pounce on the clearance racks at Walmart and Target the day after Halloween for potential costumes for next year and for costumes to use in our dress up trunk.

But what about today, literally three days before Halloween? I bet you have Halloween parties the whole weekend, am I right? So, what are you gonna do quick and cheap for that last minute Halloween costume for your kid that still can’t make up their mind? Here are some cute ideas that I found:

Image courtesy of Wiki-Fandom

Captain Underpants: For those of you unfamiliar with Captain Underpants, he is a goofy cartoon character in a series where two kids have the power to turn their stuffy conservative principle into his bold and daring alter-ego, Captain underpants. All you need is a pair of tighty-whities and a red cape or a red blanket to use as a cape. If you can score some flesh tone sweat clothes to go underneath for warmth, that’s a big win!

Image courtesy of Sarah and Nick

Spaghetti and Meatballs: Love this idea! Wish I had thought of it- it’s so simple it’s genius. You’ll need a red t-shirt or red sweatshirt, white yarn, brown craft fuzzballs for the meatballs, some plastic forks, and a colander.

Image courtesy of Canadian Living

Static Cling: Everyone has the stuff for this costume sitting around their house. Loosely baste a few random socks and a dryer sheet to your kids’ clothes. Spike and gel their hair and there you have it- static cling.

Quick Candy Corn: I found lots of far cuter (and more expensive) candy corn costumes out there, but if you’re in a bind throw on a white ski hat, orange shirt or sweatshirt, and a yellow pair of sweatpants and you are suddenly transformed into a delicious candy corn! I found all these items at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Kohls, respectively.

Jack-O-Lantern in a Jiffy: Don a green ball cap, orange shirt/sweatshirt, and orange leggings or sweatpants and you make the perfect pumpkin. This is a great costume for your 6 to 7-year-old if they are sporting that big loose tooth gappy Jack-O-Lantern grin! You can wind a green pipe cleaner into the baseball cap to make a vine or use black T-shirt paint to make a pumpkin face on the shirt. I found these items at Walmart/Party city, Hobby Lobby, and Kohls respectively.

Image courtesy of

Jellybeans: I WISH I was this creative! Use a large clear plastic trash bag, fill it with different colored balloons, and print out a Jelly Belly logo and tape it on. For more awesome ideas check out: (Download your Jelly Belly logo here)

Image courtesy of Gift of Curiosity

Mummy in a Minute: Not a costume that anyone would have been able to pull off in 2020, but thankfully this year it’s a cheap and easy last minute costume hack! Just wrap your kids in TP and you’re ready to go collect candy!

For more Halloween party hacks and to check out costumes I found at Goodwill and the Dollar tree use this link:

Have fun and stay safe collecting your tricks and treats on Monday!





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