Time to Haunt the After Halloween Clearance Isle

If you want to take advantage of the ‘after Halloween’ clearance (AKA. move over Thanksgiving and Halloween, we gotta make room for Christmas) NOW is the time!

Walmart comes in first place this year for best after holiday clearance prices. Everything Halloween is 50% off but do watch how your items ring up. Quite a few items were not coming up as 50% off so I had to flag down the self-checkout helper to enter things manually. They still had kids’ costumes (mostly 2T-4T size), decorations, goody bags and goody bag filler toys, candy, baking supplies, and even hand soap! Check out my haul below.

Target tied with Walgreens with 30% off on all Halloween/Fall items. Target had a decent supply of kids’ costumes, decorations, and candy.

Walgreens was pretty much down to the last of their candy and a few novelty items.

Hurry up, stock up, and save so you can celebrate next Halloween with savings!





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