Thankful for a Kids’ Book Review

My inbox is full of ‘Black Friday’ deals and the TV is blaring Christmas ads at the top of its lungs as though there’s nothing between Halloween and consumerism…I mean Christmas but an Amazon cart full of cyber-Monday deals.

Personally, I love Thanksgiving. It is a refreshingly simple holiday. Just get together with people you love, enjoy a good meal, and remember all the things you’ve been blessed with. How better to get in the mood for, in my opinion, the most important holiday in the U.S. than by reading some themed books to your kids. You can find these titles for free at your local library or you can click on the links I’ve included to find the free read aloud versions on You Tube!

In Run, Turkey, Run by: Diane Mayr poor turkey is having an understandably bad thanksgiving.  It’s tough to enjoy a holiday where you will be eaten as the main course.  Turkey, cheered on by his barn yard friends, decides to make a run for it.  Despite an epic pursuit the farmer and his family wind up begrudgingly celebrating with grilled cheese which leaves the turkey as the only one giving thanks!

Run Turkey Read Aloud

In Turkey Trouble by: Wendi Silvano.  Turkey decides he does not want to be the main course this thanksgiving, so he tries on a series of clever disguises to blend in with other animals.  Unfortunately, he just can’t pull off a horse, cow, sheep or pig.  In the end the best disguise of all is that of a pizza delivery guy! 

Turkey Trouble Read Aloud

In Dino-Thanksgiving by: Lisa Wheeler the Dinos are pumped to celebrate their favorite holiday-Thanksgiving! The meat eaters have their turkey, the triceratops stick with veggies, and Compy is happy eating any and everything just as soon as the flag football is done.

Dino Thanksgiving Read Aloud

In Duck for Turkey Day by: Jacqueline Jules we join Tuyet, a young girl of Vietnamese heritage as she learns about Thanksgiving in school.  She gets hooked on the idea that the only way to celebrate Thanksgiving properly is by eating turkey and is crushed to discover that her family members don’t LIKE turkey, they like DUCK better.  Tuyet is so mortified on Monday at school during sharing time that she almost cries but is relieved to find out that her classmates enjoyed all sorts of things for the holiday from lamb to tofu! Turns out it’s not about what you eat on Thanksgiving, but who you’re with that makes the day truly special.

Duck for Turkey Day Read Aloud

In Duck and Hippo Give Thanks by: Jonathan London Hippo dreams of a good old fashioned Thanksgiving celebration so he invites all his friends over.  He is less than impressed when they show up with potluck dishes like egg rolls, sushi, pizza, and peanut butter and jelly tacos until he realizes that his friends are just as excited to share their traditions with him as he is to share his with them.  At the end of the day, they all settle down for a meal that’s anything but traditional but better than any of them could ever have imagined.

Duck and Hippo Give Thanks Read Aloud

Fangsgiving by: Ethan Long acquaints us with Vladimir the vampire who has pulled out all the stops to make the perfect Friends-giving for all his monster buddies.  That is, until his family makes a surprise visit and takes over his celebration. The destruction culminates in Spike, the family dog, eating everything! In the end his family pulls together to remake the ruined meal and save Fangsgiving Day.

Fangsgiving Read Aloud

10 Fat Turkeys by: Tony Johnston is a fun counting and learning book despite the fact that it isn’t set at Thanksgiving time at all.  Have fun counting forward and backward to ten with your kids as this gaggle of goofy turkeys falls off a fence in various manners. You will ‘Gobble, Gobble, Wibble Wobble’ till they’ve brought down the fence.

10 Fat Turkeys Read Aloud

10 Turkeys in the road by: Brenda Reeves Sturgis was another zany, fun turkey counting book (for some reason turkeys are very countable).  Have fun counting to and from ten as a farmer encounters some rather acrobatic turkeys blocking the road and chases them away one by one.

10 Turkeys in the Road Read Aloud

If that’s not enough Thanksgiving themed books, then don’t forget to check out these fabulous titles that we found last year:

Happy Thanksgiving reading!





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