Value Vacation Care

I am blessed right now to be able to make ends meet with a ‘work on demand’ job that allows me maximum flexibility to basically still be considered a stay-at-home mom. But there was a time not so long ago when I held down a professional job working thirty hours a week in a very inflexible clinic.

I remember begging three different directors for the day after Thanksgiving off because my daycare was closed and being turned down by all three. One even suggested that I should stash my then two-year-old son in the office during a ten-hour shift. I get it working moms….the professional world cuts us absolutely NO slack!

The school system doesn’t help at all with a whole week off for Thanksgiving, two and a half weeks off for ‘winter’ break, a week and a half off for ‘spring’ break, and two months off for summer.

In an effort to help out all my fellow working moms I have compiled a list of options for ‘break time’ care and before and after school care, as well as some sites you can check out for financial assistance.

Child Care Assistance Program: check this out for information on whether or not you qualify for monetary assistance to pay for childcare while you work or go to school. This is for people in the DuPage, Kane, and Lake Counties area. check this out for information on subsidiaries, tax discounts, tax credits, and financial help for military families. The salvation army offers low cost before and after school care as well a summer camp program. Everyone is welcome, but you must qualify for the discounted rates.

Sportsplex Winter Break Sports Camps offered through the St. Charles Park district. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover the whole break, but at least you’ll have a couple days covered.

Baker’s Station is a great option for before and after school care in D303. Unfortunately, it’s closed when schools are closed.

Haines Winter Break Camp offered through the St. Charles Park district. I like that you can register for the whole break or for individual days. Just a heads up though, no care is offered the day after Christmas or the day after New Year’s.

Pathfinders and Trailblazers is offered through Hickory Knolls nature center. It offers a variety of no school day programs for ages 5-12.

Don’t forget to check out in home caregiver options. I love that you can put in your zip code and immediately get side by side comparisons and upfront pricing for nannies in your area.

Hang in there this holiday season!




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