Christmas Craft Corner

It’s T-minus one week till Winter Break! Are you ready to keep the kids busy and your wallet full? I didn’t think so. Here’s some fun ways to save your Christmas Cash for the New Year by using things you probably already have sitting around your house.

Good Housekeeping had tons of great Christmas craft ideas. Among my favorites were the clothes pin Christmas characters, the popsicle stick wreath, the paper bag puppets, the pinecone gnome, and the mistletoe footprints but don’t hesitate to check them all out!

Recycled Ornaments: My daughter’s Girl Scout troop made these adorable Christmas ornaments from recycled materials. The snowman on the left is made of an egg carton container hot glued together and Rudolph on the right was made from an old toilet paper tube, some googly eyes, a pom-pom, and some pipe cleaners.

Happiness is Homemade: Check out Heidi Kundin’s site for some more great ideas and instructions on how to make them. I’m kind of in love with the cute little paper plate elf which could translate easily into a paper plate Santa, Mrs. Clause, Frosty the Snowman, or Rudolph. P.S. don’t forget to check out the candy cane reindeer- he’s adorable!

Image courtesy of Happiness is Home Made

Paper Plates and Pom-Poms: We made this festive little wreath out of a paper plate and green and red finger paint. My kids used handprints for the ‘evergreen’ part and finger prints to make the ‘holly berries’. We added a bow leftover from last year’s Christmas gifts for flare.

The adorable Rudolph on the bottom was made with a handprint in brown finger paint and embellished with a big red pom-pom and some googly eyes.

Hopefully you have enough ideas here to get you through the holiday break. Happy Christmas Crafting!




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