Frugal Firs

It’s T-minus six days till Santa Claus is coming to town. If you still haven’t found that epic Christmas tree and are looking at being stuck in this situation:

Then check out where you can get a good tree at a good price at the last minute with considerably less window damage.

Artificial Trees:

Resale Shops: The best deals on artificial trees can be found right now at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army resale shop. I visited both at the end of last week and each location had several artificial Christmas trees in stock (in new/near new condition I might add). This is also a great place to find ornaments and other Christmas decorations for your home.

After Christmas Clearance: This option obviously won’t do you any good in terms of getting a tree set up for this Christmas, but it’s certainly a good way to replace a smaller tabletop tree or an old falling apart tree for next year. Just make sure you hit the stores first thing the day after Christmas as those clearance bargains go fast! I have literally seen the Christmas Isle cleared out and replaced with Valentine’s Day merchandise in less than two days after Christmas.

Live Trees:

Trellis Farm and Garden Store: I’m not sure of the pricing at Trellis, but I do love that they are family owned and are a great way to support shopping local. They definitely have Christmas trees in stock right now and offer a wide variety of other fun things like ornaments, unique bird feeders, bird seed, bakery items, fresh eggs, local honey, pet supplies, horse supplies, and propane tank refills.

Cosley Zoo: Again, I’m not sure of the pricing on the trees, but it’s a great option for supporting the zoo and its efforts at wildlife conservation as the cost of your tree counts as a donation to the zoo. Admission to the zoo is free during their Christmas tree sale and you get the added bonus of walking around and checking out the animals and the light display. You can also purchase gift items and hot chocolate to complete the experience.

Abbey Farms: I’m noticing a trend, no one publishes their Christmas tree prices online, but another great option to benefit a good cause is Abbey Farms. They’re a great opportunity if you are looking for that classic ‘cut down your own tree’ experience. You can rent a saw for $10 to avoid this:

And they offer hot chocolate, live pine garland, and visits with Santa Clause himself!

Anderson Tree Farm: Refreshingly the only site willing to publish their prices. Pre-cut trees will run you $65-$200. Another great opportunity to shop small business and family owned as this is a real working farm. They also offer firewood, evergreen wreaths and roping, and fresh eggs.

Lee’s Trees: Offers 8′ and shorter ‘you cut’ trees for $80 and pre-cut trees from $80-$140. They also offer wreaths, swags, and centerpieces. There is a note that they are pet friendly and offer free hot chocolate, coffee, and popcorn!

Hope this information helps you find your very own ‘Griswold Family Christmas Tree’!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!




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