Last Minute Gift Giving Guide

Have you found yourself a gift or two short when those last-minute house guests come calling?

Here’s a few quick gift ideas you can whip up at the last minute.

Keepsakes Made by the Kids: If you have kids, some paper, and some finger paint you can create this quick and easy handprint wreath or Rudolph. Have your child write their name, add the date, and frame it once it’s dry for a special keepsake that grandparents, aunts, and uncles will love. Other ideas: handprint Santas, quiet as a mouse feet, or handprint Christmas trees.

Take an Updated Family Photo: Believe it or not what I appreciate the most for a holiday gift is a fresh family photo from the relatives that I don’t see that often. It’s too late for a professional photographer, but here’s some tips for taking a decent photo:

  1. Keep your backgrounds simple. Find a plain white or solid color wall in a neutral color.

2) Make sure you remove extraneous things from the background like light plugs, toys, photos, power cords, mirrors.

3) Get as much bright natural light as you can.

4) Tell some jokes or yell a funny word right before you take the picture to get everyone smiling.

No time to print it? You can e-mail it to relatives or upload it to Snapfish and select to have it printed at your local Walgreens.

Make an Ornament: Hot glue some white craft yarn balls together, add a piece of yarn or ribbon for a scarf and draw on a face or hot glue on some buttons or beads to make the eyes and mouth. Add a hanger and you’ve got a cute little snowman ornament.

Or cut a circle out of cardboard. Wrap it with green yarn and hot glue the ends down. Hot glue on some beads or gems and you’ve got a Christmas wreath ornament.

Share a Special Talent: Is there something that you have a natural talent for? Share it with your family and friends. Quilt a pot-holder, Crochet a hat or scarf or bath pouf, knit a washrag. Remember, time is limited so keep your project small and simple.

Share Your Mad Culinary Skills: Do you have a secret family recipe that everyone loves? Whip up a batch and give it as gifts this year. Do you know how to make jelly or chutney? Can you stew and can tomatoes? Maybe you make an amazing frosting or a really unique soup, cookie, or cake. Not too many people have the time to cook or bake anymore so these home cooked items are a special treat.

Are You Crafty: Whip up some homemade soaps, lip gloss, candles, or scrubs. Here’s some recipes using things that you already have handy around your house.

Shop Local and Small Business: There’s still time to run over to Windy Acres for some locally sourced honey or to Trellis Farm Store to pick up some fresh eggs, a unique Christmas ornament, or bird house. Or head over to Josef’s Meats and give the gift of a nice roast, fresh handmade sausages, or a side of pasta salad. They also carry giardiniera.

Good luck with your last-minute gift endeavors!





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