Noon Year’s Kids Activities

Got some littles that aren’t going to make it till midnight? Why not celebrate by counting down to nap time instead? Here’s some fun ways to party like little rockstars!

Take a Hike: Bundle up the kids and take a walk through the woods. Take time to discuss what the animals do to ‘celebrate’ the winter (hibernate). Look for animal prints in the snow or mud and see if you can figure out who’s been hiking with you this New Year’s.

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Make Your Own Paint and Sip Session:

Visit Crayola’s website and print some of their New Year’s themed free coloring pages. Then pick your favorite washable paints, turn on Auld Lang Syne, The Final Countdown, or 1999, fill up some sippy cups with juice and have some Artistic New Year’s fun!

Make Your Own Balloon Drop: Last year it was so cold and dry my husband and I blew up a bunch of balloons and used static electricity to stick them to the ceiling. Then we cued up a previous year’s Times Square ball drop on You Tube and had the kids count down to noon. When the clock struck lunchtime, we knocked the balloons down on them as they blew party horns and shook noise makers.

Count Down to Naptime with a Story: Here’s some great New Year’s themed read alouds that are sure to get your littles ready for a nice refreshing New Year’s nap:

The Night Before New Year’s

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas

P. Bear’s New Year’s Party

Robert’s New Year’s Resolution

Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s!





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