Kid’s Holiday Craft Corner

Even though ‘the holidays’ are officially over and your wallet is officially empty it’s never too late to celebrate. I have showcased projects here that you can complete with things you’ll find around your home to keep costs low, but don’t hesitate to check out the myriad of holiday craft ideas that you will find on these sites.

Diwali is known as the ‘festival of lights’. Light up the night with these fun and easy projects!

Image found on Pintrest
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Image courtesy of learning and exploring through play

Ramadan is a celebration of fasting, cleansing, strength, and is often a time to begin or reinforce healthy habits. I particularly liked the good habits tree (pictured far right).

Hanukkah is another festival of light and hope.

Image courtesy of what we do all day
Image courtesy of little learner’s lounge
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Kwanzaa has its roots in African culture and celebrates heritage, community, and culture.

For more information on these holidays please check out my previous post Happy Holiday Learning.





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