Chill Out with a Kid’s Winter Book Review

So far it hasn’t been the snowiest of winters, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the flurries inside these winter themed kids’ books. Look for them at your local library or check out the links for the free read alouds on You Tube.

In Amadi’s Snowman by: Katia Novet Saint-Lot Amadi, a young boy living in a place where it’s hot and never snows, doesn’t see the point of learning to read so he runs away from his tutor into the marketplace. While there he discovers a boy reading a book about snow men.  He is fascinated by the concept of snow, the fact that there are things he doesn’t yet know, and that he can use reading to learn the things he still doesn’t know.    Amandi runs home to his tutor deciding that he will learn to read after all.

Winter Cats by: Janet Lawler unfortunately does not seem to have a read aloud version available. But don’t hesitate to look for Willy the indoor cat’s story about overcoming differences and making new friends at your local library.

100 Snowmen by: Jen Arena was a winter themed addition and counting book.  For some reason math is just so much for fun when you are sledding, skiing, and roasting marshmallows in the company of one hundred of the silliest snowmen you’ve ever seen.

The Little Snowplow by: Lora Koehler tells how when little snowplow joins the trucks of the Mighty Mountain Road Crew many of the seasoned members are not impressed.  But little snowplow doesn’t let their negativity get the better of him! And good thing too because when an avalanche snows in the big dump truck little snowplow is the only one who can get there fast enough to save him!

Ten on the Sled by: Kim Norman was a spin off on the classic song- Ten Bears in the Bed and the Little One Said.   It was a fun winter way to learn counting forward and backward to ten. 

In Snowboy 1, 2,3 by Joe Wahman the colorful pictures help to cleverly disguise that the book is helping snow boy learn to count from one to ten and back again.

“Lemon, lemon, lime, lemon limeade!  Lemon, lemon, lime, lemon lemonade! Buy a cup for 25cents.”  Sounds refreshing right?  But maybe not in the middle of a winter blizzard! Lemonade in Winter by: Emily Jenkins and G. Brian Karas tells the tale of a brother and sister that decide to do just that- sell lemonade and limeade in the middle of a terrible snowstorm!  This fun and very original story works in some counting, money management, and mathematics as it entertains.

The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleaven and Maddie Frost tells of the snow queen and her high standards for snowflake symmetry. One day she puts her daughter in charge of the snowflake factory. Her daughter accidentally breaks the machine causing all the snowflakes to come out DIFFERENT! But, people seem to like the new snow and even her mother realizes that maybe unique can be beautiful too.

Didn’t find enough winter themed books here? Check out some more with my posts Kid’s Winter Book Review and Warm Up with More Winter Books.





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