Cold Weather Cabin Fever Craft Corner

Despite the mild weather lately there’s still at least two more months of winter left! Here’s some sweet, simple, low-cost craft ideas to help you beat that cold weather cabin fever.

Rainbow Snow: Nope, it’s not the dreaded ‘yellow snow ‘that your parents told you not to eat. I found these ‘massive mess sticks’ AKA Rainbow snow kits in the Target dollar bin. They contain a packet of a substance found in diapers commonly called ‘water lock’ and three food coloring tablets. Much science fun was had by all as we measured just how much water the ‘water lock’ could suck up before it fluffed up like snow. Then we added the food coloring tablets to dye it rainbow colors. Words of warning: this is NOT an activity for small children!!! Water lock’ should never be ingested or put down the drain (unless you know a good plumber).

Paper Snowflakes: Remember those old-school paper snowflakes you used to cut out as kids? If you’ve got scissors and white drawing paper then you’ve bought yourself a free afternoon of room temperature flurries. Just in case you forgot how to fold and cut the little suckers, check out this link for a quick review!

Marvelous Mittens: Construction paper plus scissors plus white finger paint equals marvelous mittens- complete with a keepsake of your kid’s hand prints inside. First, cut out the rough shape of a mitten in your desired color of construction paper. Then have your kids dunk their hands in the white paint (their favorite messy part) and press them onto the paper to make the handprints. We happened to have some spare cotton balls sitting around so we glued them to the bottom to make some warm fluffy Eskimo fringe.

Penguin Hands: Penguin hands are another fast, fun craft that you probably already have the stuff to make. Trace your kids’ hands with white crayon onto black construction paper then cut them out with safety scissors. Paint on the tummies with white paint, glue on or draw some eyes and beaks and you’ve got a cute little penguin friend.

Snowman Plate Faces: I’m sure you all have some generic white paper plates lying around. Use these as the base of your snowman face. Have your kids cut out hats and eyes from black construction paper and glue them on. Then cut out a nose from orange construction paper or orange craft foam and glue that on. We used dot-painters to decorate our mouths. If you don’t own dot-painters, then just use black construction paper again.

Hope these craft ideas help you to make it through another winter week with your kids! Have fun and be creative!





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