See if its Spring with a Groundhog Day Kids’ Book Review

Well, well, well, winter finally decided to show up at last! And just in time for the good ole groundhog to let us know how much more of the white fluffy stuff we can expect. Since we’re all stuck inside, why not enjoy some of these themed kids’ books? As always, find them at your local library or enjoy the free You Tube read alouds via the links I have provided.

Facing criticism for his erroneous weather reports a desperate groundhog recruits several of the most promising rodents he can find to be trained at the prestigious Groundhog Weather School. Find out how their training and forecasting goes in Joan Holub’s adorable book Ground Hog Weather School.

In Grumpy Groundhog by: Maureen Wright it’s Groundhog Day, but the star of the show is nowhere to be seen!  He declares that it’s too cold to come out, so a desperate mayor attempts to coax an appearance out of him with a newspaper, fuzzy slippers, and hot coffee (oddly enough, the same things that get me out of bed in the morning).  Read this delightfully illustrated tale to discover if Groundhog ever does rise and shine.

The title Groundhog’s Dilemma by: Kristen Remenar says it all.  Some of Groundhog’s friends want an early spring, some want six more weeks of winter.  All of them are taking turns buttering up Groundhog to get their way. Afraid of losing his friends he promises everyone what they want.  What will become of poor Groundhog come spring?

How is it that Phil the groundhog and his best buddy shadow could be so close, but such polar opposites? Their relationship limped along somehow until it happened one day; Phil’s shadow ran away.  Find out if Phil and his shadow ever reunite when you read Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow by: David Biedrzycki.

Everyone deserves a day off, right? And that includes the groundhog! Find out what happens when that meteorologically gifted rodent goes on hiatus when you read Groundhog’s Day Off by: Robb Pearlman.

I’m not sure if Ground Hug Day by: Anne Marie Pace should be considered a Groundhog Day book or a Valentine’s Day book, but it was adorable either way.  Every year Groundhog sees his shadow and then hibernates through Valentine’s Day, but this year is going to be different because the animals want to have a party and are determined to have Groundhog attend.  Were they successful or did they have to save the celebration for St. Patrick’s Day?

Oh no! It’s February 1 and Groundhog is down with the flu, what is he going to do? Read Substitute Groundhog by: Pat Miller to see if he finds a suitable stand in in time for Groundhog Day.

Hope this book selection brings you and your family an early spring!





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