Super Affordable Kids’ Super Bowl Party

Tired of having to tackle your kids during the big game because they’ve gotten bored and won’t stop their ‘unnecessary roughness’? Here’s some simple and cost-effective ways to score an entertainment field goal.

Superbowl Bingo: I found lots of sites claiming to offer ‘free printable Bingo cards’ and then when you click on them you have to download some ‘shady Gif maker program’ and agree to some ‘fine print use agreement stuff’. Studio DIY is the only one I found that truly offered a free click and print experience. Just make sure you click on the big red ‘click here to print’ box and ignore the pop up that tells you to ‘download now’. Print your bingo cards and use M and M’s or coins as markers to give the kids something to do while you enjoy watching the big game!

Yarn Footballs: I stumbled upon this craft idea in my daughter’s Highlights Magazine as a Valentine card craft, but the football shaped one struck me as being ideal for the Super Bowl. I used cardboard from the recycling bin for the base and we have tons of yarn laying around to wrap it with. You can also get yarn super cheap from Walmart or Dollar Tree.

Alphabet Color and Learn: Print out these free football themed alphabet/coloring pages to get your preschooler or kindergartener interested in learning their alphabet sounds and tracing their letters. I was able to find:

Football Starts with F

T is for Touchdown

W is for Whistle

H is for Helmet

Pin the Football on the Goal Post If you are super crafty you and your kids can whip up a field with green construction paper and either white paint or white crayon. The footballs can be cut out of brown construction paper and detailed with white paint or crayon. Both projects are great for working on scissor skills and fine motor skills/writing numbers. Or, for $5 you can download and print the image below from Etsy (an option for those of us who are craft-impaired or time limit intolerant).

Football Pizza This super simple recipe from Pilsbury allows the whole family to participate in making and decorating this pizza that is sure to score a touchdown in everyone’s tummies.

Image courtesy of Pilsbury

Kids’ Charcuterie Board These are just some of the many options for items on a kids’ Charcuterie board. Feel free to gather suggestions from your kids on what they would like to snack on and then involve them in the preparation process.

Image courtesy of Betty Crocker

Football Field Cupcakes No, I didn’t make these cupcakes. I wish I had the time and skill to do so. If I get up the courage, stay tuned and I will post the ‘baking failures’ version of this later. Regardless of how your cupcakes turn out I am sure that they will be deliciously fun to bake and decorate with your kids.

Image courtesy of Today

I hope these ideas help your family win some Super Bowl fun during overtime!





4 thoughts on “Super Affordable Kids’ Super Bowl Party

      1. Someone asked who I was rooting for. I had to ask who was playing and then who was the underdog. That team. I’ll root for that team. Just remind me several times during the game who I’m rooting for again. 😛


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