Lovin a Very Valentine’s Day Kids’ Book Review

Enjoy a belated, but still sweet, literary Valentine’s Day treat! As always, I have included links to the free read alouds on You Tube just in case these titles are unavailable through the library.

I included this book in my Groundhog’s Day book review as well. I couldn’t quite figure out which holiday suited it best! In Groundhug Day by: Anne Marie Pace all the animals want to have a Valentine’s Day party with Groundhog, but they are faced with a major dilemma. How does one keep a groundhog awake in the winter? Read this cute holiday cross over book to see what silly and clever solutions they have come up with.

The Day it Rained Hearts by: Felicia Bond follows Cornelia Augusta as she is caught in some unique precipitation.  It’s raining hearts today, so why not catch some?  See what she does with them when you read this creative and original story.

Little froggy seems to be having trouble listening and paying attention in class and it’s no wonder why- he’s noticed the lovely Frogilina sitting across from him. Enjoy this adorable story of young amphibian love when you read Froggy’s First Kiss by: Jonathan London.

It seems like every kid loves slime these days and junior scientist Victoria Franken is no different. She loves her friend Goop, but Goop has a big problem. He has no friends besides her and is hankering for other slime buddies like him. See what happens when you enjoy this tale of devoted friendship entitled Valenslime by: Joy Keller. It’s a story literally ‘oozing with friendship’.

Hope you and your kids enjoyed these sweet books as much as your box of chocolates on Tuesday!





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