Don’t be an April Fool with This Kids’ Book Review

It’s crazy to think that April 1st is only days away! Celebrate the day to pull pranks on your loved ones with these charming, themed kids’ books. As always, you can enjoy the free read aloud versions of them on You Tube with the links I have provided.

April Fool, Phyllis! by: Susanna Leonard Hill reunites readers with that plucky little ground hog from Punxatawny Phyllis.  Suspecting a big prank, Phyllis’s family poo-poo’s her warnings that a horrible snowstorm is about to ruin their springtime scavenger hunt.  Can Phyllis save the day again?

Barnyard Fun by: Maureen Wright introduces readers to sheep who is quite the prankster this April Fool’s Day.  He’s been tricking the rooster, pranking the dog, and painting faces on the cow.  It’s all fun and games until the tables turn on him!

In April Foolishness by: Teresa Bateman the grandkids have come to stay on grandpa’s farm. One by one they try to trick him, but clever grandpa doesn’t fall for it. In the end it’s grandma that pulls the ultimate April Fool’s prank.

Merry Christmas!

Gotcha! Happy April Fool’s Day!





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