An Egg-cellent New Kids’ Easter Book Review

Hop into spring with these fun Easter themed kids’ books. As always, enjoy them for free at your local library or use the links to the free read alouds on You Tube.

Piggy Bunny by Rachel vail.  Little piggy Liam has only one dream- to be the Easter Bunny.  But everyone knows piglets cannot be the Easter BUNNY, right?   Read this charming tale about following your dreams to find out if little piggy ever becomes the Easter bunny.

Who Hid the Easter Eggs?  by: Pirkko Vainio. Harry the squirrel loves spring.  He loves the breeze and the warmth and the smell and, most of all, the sight of grandma hiding Easter Eggs for her grandkids to find.  But when a confused bird starts collecting all the eggs for his nest Harry must intervene.  Does he save the easter egg hunt in time?

Last One in is a Rotten Egg by: Diane DeGroat.  We join Gilbert, that loveable little critter, again in this springtime tale.  It’s Easter and his favorite cousin Wally is coming into town for the big Easter Egg hunt. Gilbert is excited until he discovers that his cousin has kind of turned into well, a bit of a bully.  When Wally steals all the Easter Eggs, including the special golden one, it’s up to Gilbert to set things right.

Hungry for more Easter books? Check these out!

Hope you and your family enjoyed collecting these fun Easter stories in your reading basket!





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