Egg-onomical Easter Craft Ideas

Looking for some themed crafts and activities that won’t break your bank account like a toddler handling an Easter Egg? Check out these simple ideas geared towards preschool to first graders.

Fluffy Paper Plate Lamb: I bet you already have a paper plate, cotton balls, glue, scissors, and black construction paper sitting around your house. Put ’em together and what have you got? An adorable little Easter/spring lamb.

Blinged Out Model Magic Easter Egg: You can purchase Crayola’s Model Magic at The Dollar Tree as well as an assortment of little spring shaped gems for $1.25 ea. Have your kiddo crumble up a piece of scrap paper for the base, then shape the model magic around it in roughly an ‘egg shape’. Then carefully press in the gems to ‘bling it out’ and let it air dry overnight.

Easter Grass, Chia Pet Style: I haven’t tried this myself yet, but I feel it would make a fabulous gift for Grandma. Follow the instructions in the image above from a Highlights Magazine to plant your ‘Easter Grass’ in a basket. Once it grows you could arrange some colored eggs in the middle or even plant a daffodil, tulip, or crocus in there to make a really cute Easter Planter.

Bunny Socks: Got some old socks lying around? You know, all the orphan ones where the dryer ate the mate? Follow the directions in the image above, also courtesy of Highlights Magazine, to make this cute little plush bunny friend.

Easter Nails: Yeah, so we all had way too much free time on our hands during Covid. Here are some of the fun Easter themed nails I came up with: Peeps Bunnies, Peeps Chicks, and Easter Eggs. There’s a great selection of nail polish at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 ea.

String Spring Flowers: This idea was courtesy of our local library. Gather up some card stock, popsicle sticks, yarn, an old button, scissors, and tape and follow the instructions in the image above to make an allergy free spring medley!

Handprint-erflies: Scrounge up some washable paint, dip your kiddos hands in it, and viola! They are set to make their very own butterfly hand stamps.

Hope these last-minute Easter craft/gift ideas help keep your kiddos hoppy!





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