Spring Into the Season With a Kids’ Book Review

What better way to pass a rainy spring day than by reading some of these unique seasonal books? Find them at your local library or as always, enjoy them via the read aloud versions on You Tube that I have provided.

1 Big Salad by: Juana Medina was counting excitement from one to ten with these adorable veget-imals.  By the time you reach ten you’ll be enjoying a fabulously fun salad!

Dirt Cheap by: Mark Hoffman was a very clever ‘math concept’ book.  We join Birdie, a young entrepreneur with a plan to raise money by literally selling dirt, for cheap.  Her strategy pays off… a little too well!

Mud by: Mary Lyn Ray was a book about, well, mud. Pure, simple, wonderful, messy mud. 

And Then it’s Spring by: Julie Fogliano tells of the plight of a young boy and his dog desperate for spring.  Every day they go out and observe the brown to see if it has turned green yet.  They’re waiting…..waiting….waiting and then all of the sudden, it’s finally SPRING! Yeah!

Puddle by Richard Jackson was a great rainy day read. In this tale we meet Puddle who is, well, a puddle. Puddle wants it to stop raining because she is afraid of turning into a pond.  But when it does a poodle adds a puddle of its own to her- Oh no!  No one wants to play in a yellow puddle!  Puddle despairs until a rainbow saves the day!

Pitter Patten by: Joyce Hesselberth was another great rainy-day book. It was actually a cleverly disguised bit of learning as patterns, days of the week, shapes, musical notes, and rhythms are all hidden within the kid friendly geometric illustrations.

Hope these books help your family’s springtime fun bloom!





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