Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Some Stories

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! What better way to celebrate for free than with some fun, themed stories? Find these titles at your local library or use the links I have provided to view the read aloud versions of them on You Tube.

Manana Iguana by: Ann Whitford Paul is a fun re-make of the Little Red Hen concept. When Iguana and her friends come up with the idea to have a party, they ALL think it’s a great idea.  That is, until it’s time for the work to begin.  Then Conejo, Tortuga, and Culabra all have plenty of excuses why they can’t help.  Do they redeem themselves in time to join the fiesta?

Ole! Cinco De Mayo by: Margaret McManis plays on the Mary had a Little Lamb poem of our child hoods. Only this time Pablo has a little calf and my does it make a mess-o! Your kids will laugh and maybe even learn a palabra or dos of Spanish while they’re at it!

Food Fight Fiesta by: Tracey Kyle is actually about a big food fight that takes place annually in Spain with tomatoes, but with a title like Food Fight Fiesta I simply had to pick it up at the library today!

Looking for more Cinco De Mayo stories and celebration ideas? Check out my post Save More Cinco De Mayo Cents.

Enjoy some Friday family fiesta fun this evening!





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