Celebrate Mother’s Day Without the ‘Mother’ of All Charge Card Bills

Did you ever notice how the cost of brunch doubles at every restaurant on Mother’s Day? And then the cost of flowers suddenly triples? The spas are all twice as expensive and oh, yeah, if you didn’t book all these things a month ago you can forget about it anyway! Why not kick off Mother’s Day Weekend by giving mom the gift of free family fitness fun with these workouts on You Tube! Then follow things up with some of my other ‘wallet-friendly’ ways to treat mom right.

After mom is all warmed up from her sweat sesh, why not treat her to a balloon bouquet? The Dollar Tree has the cheapest and cutest balloons in town!

If she’s in the mood for a day out, why not try:

Image courtesy of Sage Healing

If you have some pennies to part with then check out Sage Collective’s Mother and Daughter Partner Yoga. (It runs $50/pair).

Or if you find yourselves in Bolingbrook, check out the Mother’s Day craft fair this weekend. Entry is free.

Or you can check out Muffins for Moms in Yorkville. Also free.

If you are already a zoo member, then why not head over to Brookfield Zoo and spend the day checking out animal moms and babies?

Or check out the new butterfly garden at Cosley Zoo? (Admission $10/per person)

Once you have mom all tired out from her travels, why not take it down a notch with some free themed read alouds?

Still need some more ideas for spoiling mom without spoiling your credit? Check out my post Money Wise Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!





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