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Frugal Fourth

There’s no reason your holiday budget has to be as blown up as a firecracker. Here’s some kid friendly low-cost ideas for a celebration that will still make your family and your wallet “oooh,” “aaaahh,” and smile.

Handprint Bald Eagle Keepsake — Glued To My Crafts

Bald Eagle Handprint Keepsake For 4th of July Today’s Handprint Eagle craft idea is easy peasy to make within minutes and it’s relatively inexpensive too! All you need is a printer, cardstock paper and washable craft paint to pull it off during the patriotic season we are currently in! 20 more words Handprint Bald Eagle KeepsakeContinue reading “Handprint Bald Eagle Keepsake — Glued To My Crafts”

Frugal Father’s Day

Dad works hard. Why not show him your appreciation this Father’s Day with these frugal craft and activity ideas? Dad will appreciate that you cared enough not to break the bank!

Sunny Summer Savings

It’s that time of year that the kids love, and parents love to hate. If you find yourself wondering what to do now that the kids are off school that won’t leave you bankrupt, then have I got some ideas!


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