Egg-onomical Easter Craft Ideas

Looking for some themed crafts and activities that won’t break your bank account like a toddler handling an Easter Egg? Check out these simple ideas geared towards preschool to first graders. Fluffy Paper Plate Lamb: I bet you already have a paper plate, cotton balls, glue, scissors, and black construction paper sitting around your house.Continue reading “Egg-onomical Easter Craft Ideas”

‘Eggonomical’ Easter

If you’re lucky, you just finished paying off the last of your charge card bills from Christmas. But wait! Is that Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail followed by his good friend the Repot Rabbit? Here’s some ideas for cooking, crafts, and activities that will make sure it’s the bunny bouncing not your checkContinue reading “‘Eggonomical’ Easter”

Savy Springtime Spending

Woot! Woot! It’s springtime baby! The snow is all melted, the crocus are coming up, and the weather is warming nicely. Now, what to do with the kids during spring break that won’t ‘spring break’ the bank? I’m glad you asked! I have an idea or two for you below. Cosmic Kids Yoga/Kids Spring WorkoutContinue reading “Savy Springtime Spending”

St. Patrick’s Day Science

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Save Some ‘Green’ On Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Looking to keep your kids entertained this St. Patrick’s Day, but want to see more green IN your wallet than OUT? Look no further! I have your tips for low and no cost ways for your family to ‘shamrock out’ with the leprechauns whether they lead you to the pot ‘o’ gold or not. Kid’sContinue reading “Save Some ‘Green’ On Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration”

Fatten Up Your Mind with Some Mardi Gras Learning

Forget the gaudy beads and expensive travel costs this Mardi Gras. Bling out your mind with some free crafts, books, and learning activities instead! Happy learning and happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Cheers! Love, Marie

Fat Tuesday; Fat Wallet Day

Happy almost Fat Tuesday everyone! Next week Tuesday is the day to stuff yourself silly with Paczki and if you follow my tips for low-cost ways to keep your kids entertained, you’ll be able to stuff your wallet silly too! Education: Why not start out by teaching your kids what Mardi Gras means? I foundContinue reading “Fat Tuesday; Fat Wallet Day”

Super Affordable Kids’ Super Bowl Party

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Superbowl Savings

Does your husband’s Super Bowl party leave you ‘super’ annoyed and your kids ‘super’ bored? Don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas for you that’ll make the Super Bowl ‘super’ fun but won’t leave your wallet ‘super’ empty! The ‘Puppy Bowl’: It’s hard to believe that the ‘Puppy Bowl’ is going on its eighteenth year already,Continue reading “Superbowl Savings”

Loving Some Valentine’s Day Values

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you don’t find yourself ‘loving’ some of the prices you see in the stores, then check out some of my ideas for saving money on crafts, activities, and meals that both your kids and your wallet will fall for! Crafts: Why pay jacked-up Valentine’s Day prices on flowersContinue reading “Loving Some Valentine’s Day Values”