An Egg-cellent New Kids’ Easter Book Review

Hop into spring with these fun Easter themed kids’ books. As always, enjoy them for free at your local library or use the links to the free read alouds on You Tube. Piggy Bunny by Rachel vail.  Little piggy Liam has only one dream- to be the Easter Bunny.  But everyone knows piglets cannot beContinue reading “An Egg-cellent New Kids’ Easter Book Review”

Kid’s Easter Book Review

Count down the last few days till Easter with these themed kids’ books. The Night Baafore Easter by: Dawn Young joins Bo, a typical child too excited to sleep on the night before Easter, as he calls on his ‘counting sheep’ to help him. BIG MISTAKE Bo! The sheep decide to run downstairs and exploreContinue reading “Kid’s Easter Book Review”

Don’t be an April Fool with This Kids’ Book Review

It’s crazy to think that April 1st is only days away! Celebrate the day to pull pranks on your loved ones with these charming, themed kids’ books. As always, you can enjoy the free read aloud versions of them on You Tube with the links I have provided. April Fool, Phyllis! by: Susanna Leonard HillContinue reading “Don’t be an April Fool with This Kids’ Book Review”

Kid’s Spring Book Review

Spring into spring with these unique kids’ books. As always, I have included links to the free read alouds via You Tube just in case you are unable to find them at your library. The Legend of the Bluebonnet by: Pat Cusick Ripton is a unique story of self-sacrifice. In this Native American Indian tale,Continue reading “Kid’s Spring Book Review”

Lucky o’ Leprechaun Kids’ Book Review

Here’s some themed books that are more enjoyable than a pot of gold! You can watch them for free as read alouds on You Tube which is luckier than a four-leaf clover if you ask me. The Leprechaun’s Gold by: Pamela Duncan Edwards tells of the devious methods that Young Tom stoops to in orderContinue reading “Lucky o’ Leprechaun Kids’ Book Review”

Kids St. Patrick’s Day Book Review

We were ‘lucky’ enough to find these fabulous St. Patrick’s Day themed books at the end of the rainbow…I mean at our library. Look for them at your library too or enjoy the free read aloud links I have provided. Shannon and the World’s Tallest Leprechaun by: Sean Callahan was a great lesson in ‘theContinue reading “Kids St. Patrick’s Day Book Review”