Celebrate Mother’s Day Without the ‘Mother’ of All Charge Card Bills

Did you ever notice how the cost of brunch doubles at every restaurant on Mother’s Day? And then the cost of flowers suddenly triples? The spas are all twice as expensive and oh, yeah, if you didn’t book all these things a month ago you can forget about it anyway! Why not kick off Mother’sContinue reading “Celebrate Mother’s Day Without the ‘Mother’ of All Charge Card Bills”

Spring Into the Season With a Kids’ Book Review

What better way to pass a rainy spring day than by reading some of these unique seasonal books? Find them at your local library or as always, enjoy them via the read aloud versions on You Tube that I have provided. 1 Big Salad by: Juana Medina was counting excitement from one to ten with theseContinue reading “Spring Into the Season With a Kids’ Book Review”

Economical Earth Day Events

Happy Earth Day everyone! Here’s some fun ways for you and your family to conserve both the environment and the funds in your wallet. Head on over to Brookfield Zoo today for their Earth Day Party for the Planet. This is a great option for those of you who are already Zoo members since admissionContinue reading “Economical Earth Day Events”

Savy Spring Celebrations

Spring has definitely sprung here in the Midwest (though Mother Nature thought it would be funny if it snowed on my daffodils this morning). Check out a few budget friendly ideas for getting the family back out in the fresh air and enjoying all the green things outside without parting with too much of theContinue reading “Savy Spring Celebrations”

Egg-onomical Easter Craft Ideas

Looking for some themed crafts and activities that won’t break your bank account like a toddler handling an Easter Egg? Check out these simple ideas geared towards preschool to first graders. Fluffy Paper Plate Lamb: I bet you already have a paper plate, cotton balls, glue, scissors, and black construction paper sitting around your house.Continue reading “Egg-onomical Easter Craft Ideas”

An Egg-cellent New Kids’ Easter Book Review

Hop into spring with these fun Easter themed kids’ books. As always, enjoy them for free at your local library or use the links to the free read alouds on You Tube. Piggy Bunny by Rachel vail.  Little piggy Liam has only one dream- to be the Easter Bunny.  But everyone knows piglets cannot beContinue reading “An Egg-cellent New Kids’ Easter Book Review”

Kid’s Easter Book Review

Count down the last few days till Easter with these themed kids’ books. The Night Baafore Easter by: Dawn Young joins Bo, a typical child too excited to sleep on the night before Easter, as he calls on his ‘counting sheep’ to help him. BIG MISTAKE Bo! The sheep decide to run downstairs and exploreContinue reading “Kid’s Easter Book Review”

Enjoy an Egg-cellent Kids’ Easter Workout

Featured image courtesy of Roller Derby Athletics

Don’t be an April Fool with This Kids’ Book Review

It’s crazy to think that April 1st is only days away! Celebrate the day to pull pranks on your loved ones with these charming, themed kids’ books. As always, you can enjoy the free read aloud versions of them on You Tube with the links I have provided. April Fool, Phyllis! by: Susanna Leonard HillContinue reading “Don’t be an April Fool with This Kids’ Book Review”

‘Eggonomical’ Easter

If you’re lucky, you just finished paying off the last of your charge card bills from Christmas. But wait! Is that Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail followed by his good friend the Repot Rabbit? Here’s some ideas for cooking, crafts, and activities that will make sure it’s the bunny bouncing not your checkContinue reading “‘Eggonomical’ Easter”