Frugal Fall

I originally posted this last fall, but as it is September already (even though the 85-degree high of yesterday would like you to think otherwise) and the fall merchandise is flooding through the stores I figured it would be an appropriate re-blog. So, in case you missed it last year, please enjoy my tips forContinue reading “Frugal Fall”

Back to School Bargains

I originally published this post August of 2021 during my crash course introduction into ‘back to school shopping’. This year I find myself considerably better prepared, but hopefully my insight will help out this year’s ‘first timers’. At the very least, you will discover that you are not the only one experiencing that ‘drowning panic’Continue reading “Back to School Bargains”

Kids Drawing Corner: How to Draw a ‘Pretty Lady’

Is your family feeling artistic today? Then enjoy a drawing tutorial led by my six-year-old daughter.

No Money Owed Ocean

Let’s see what’s out in the sea, shall we?

Save with Summer Story Time

Cool off with these hot options for free summer story time!

Fourth of July Worksheet with Answers

It’s more than just a long weekend, it’s history. Before you start to celebrate, complete this worksheet and learn a little about how America began. Choose the correct answer Answer Sheet: Source: The Fourth of July ( Fourth of July Worksheet with Answers Found this great historical learning activity to do with the kids (bothContinue reading “Fourth of July Worksheet with Answers”

Savy Summer Craft Corner: Painless Patriotic Projects

Looking for some frugal, fun, family friendly projects for the Fourth of July? Look no further!

Frugal Fourth

There’s no reason your holiday budget has to be as blown up as a firecracker. Here’s some kid friendly low-cost ideas for a celebration that will still make your family and your wallet “oooh,” “aaaahh,” and smile.

Handprint Bald Eagle Keepsake — Glued To My Crafts

Bald Eagle Handprint Keepsake For 4th of July Today’s Handprint Eagle craft idea is easy peasy to make within minutes and it’s relatively inexpensive too! All you need is a printer, cardstock paper and washable craft paint to pull it off during the patriotic season we are currently in! 20 more words Handprint Bald Eagle KeepsakeContinue reading “Handprint Bald Eagle Keepsake — Glued To My Crafts”