Spring Break Savings

With the winter wind whistling through the Midwest this morning it’s hard to believe that the kids will be off on spring break shortly. Despite the unseasonably cool weather, here’s some ideas for keeping them warm and entertained without all the assets in your wallet getting ‘frozen’ in the process. Indoor Options: Toddler time openContinue reading “Spring Break Savings”

Value Vacation Care

I am blessed right now to be able to make ends meet with a ‘work on demand’ job that allows me maximum flexibility to basically still be considered a stay-at-home mom. But there was a time not so long ago when I held down a professional job working thirty hours a week in a veryContinue reading “Value Vacation Care”

Free Holiday Break Kids’ Activities

Sooooo….in our district there’s a full week off for Thanksgiving and roughly two and a half weeks off for winter break. That’s a loooooot of time to fill. If you’re in my neck of the woods here’s some totally free events being offered through the Park District, library, and village. Most events are drop in,Continue reading “Free Holiday Break Kids’ Activities”