A Flea What, Now?

To the person that enjoys the thrill of the hunt a Flea Market is a dream come true!

At the Board Walk

Tired of big box stores with their artificial lighting, recycled air, and the same old merchandise? Why not discover a unique family friendly shopping experience at some local small businesses?

Back to School: Supply Savings

Parents, it’s time to get ‘schooled’ on supply bargains and sales!

Back to School Bargains

I originally published this post August of 2021 during my crash course introduction into ‘back to school shopping’. This year I find myself considerably better prepared, but hopefully my insight will help out this year’s ‘first timers’. At the very least, you will discover that you are not the only one experiencing that ‘drowning panic’Continue reading “Back to School Bargains”

Great Green Garage Sales

Are you new to the ‘Garage Sale Game’? Never fear because Marie is here… to walk you through the basics!

Loving Some Valentine’s Day Values

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you don’t find yourself ‘loving’ some of the prices you see in the stores, then check out some of my ideas for saving money on crafts, activities, and meals that both your kids and your wallet will fall for! Crafts: Why pay jacked-up Valentine’s Day prices on flowersContinue reading “Loving Some Valentine’s Day Values”

Stuff Your Stocking With Savings

‘Tis the season for your charge card to be anything but jolly. So, how do you still celebrate the fact that we can finally form groups of ten or more without Scrooge repo-ing your Christmas Cheer in January? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are my money saving tips for throwing a holiday celebration withoutContinue reading “Stuff Your Stocking With Savings”

Great Value Gobbles

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and if you are back up to entertaining pre-covid size groups of friends and family you will notice that Thanksgiving dinner can become one of THE most expensive meals of the year. Below are some of my tips and tricks for making sure you have more than just turkey leftoverContinue reading “Great Value Gobbles”