Back to School Bargains

I originally published this post August of 2021 during my crash course introduction into ‘back to school shopping’. This year I find myself considerably better prepared, but hopefully my insight will help out this year’s ‘first timers’. At the very least, you will discover that you are not the only one experiencing that ‘drowning panic’Continue reading “Back to School Bargains”

Clearance Alert!

I was so excited I just had to share. Walmart is clearance-ing swim suits and I just scored two super cute ones for my daughter for five dollars. If you want to jump on this deal I would suggest you hurry- there was barely anything left but it’s worth a shot to score an eighteenContinue reading “Clearance Alert!”

Back to School Bargains

Wow! Can’t believe it, we are already on our third day back at school here in my neck of the woods. Figured it was time to move on from my ‘summer entertainment’ series and tackle the subject of the back to school shopping list instead. This year is my first foray into the back toContinue reading “Back to School Bargains”

When to Buy and When to Say: ‘No Way!’

I’m not going to lie, I do like to brag to my friends about the awesome stuff I score at the resale shop for dirt cheap. My friend Katie of Katie’s JeweleryBox (check her out on Facebook if you like super cute, super affordable jewelry) always complains that she only finds junk when she goesContinue reading “When to Buy and When to Say: ‘No Way!’”

Tip#2 Plan Ahead

Another thing to keep in mind about resale shops is that they don’t function like regular stores. They don’t order their stock for the season. So, although they may have bathing suits, they may not have bathing suits in your kiddos size that exact day that you need to pick one up on the wayContinue reading “Tip#2 Plan Ahead”

Tip#1: Location, Location, Location

Okay, they are both content eating a snack and watching Umi Zoomie so I will stop teasing you with my first ‘fluff intro’ post. In order to get brand name clothes at resale shop prices you must first find the resale shop locations in your neighborhood. There are two that I frequent in my neckContinue reading “Tip#1: Location, Location, Location”

Want Cute Clothes for Your Kids, but Can’t Handle Spending Tons for Stuff They’ll Outgrow in 3 Months?

So, if you’re reading this you, like me, have small children that are growing like weeds. Chances are you, like me, like saving money for unforeseen emergencies (like when your husband goes into the attic to fix your vent fan, misses his footing, and falls through the ceiling. (I really wish I was making thatContinue reading “Want Cute Clothes for Your Kids, but Can’t Handle Spending Tons for Stuff They’ll Outgrow in 3 Months?”