Savy Summer Craft Corner: Footprints in the Sand

Today’s summer craft corner project has been brought to you by the letter ‘H’ for heat and high humidity! Cool off with an air conditioning break and this fun and simple summer craft!

Cold Weather Cabin Fever Craft Corner

Yup…it’s still covid, I mean cold out there. Here’s some sweet, simple, low-cost craft ideas to help combat cabin fever! Rainbow Snow: Nope, it’s not the dreaded ‘yellow snow ‘that your parents told you not to eat. I found these ‘massive mess sticks’ AKA Rainbow snow kits in the Target dollar bin. They contain aContinue reading “Cold Weather Cabin Fever Craft Corner”

Be Your Own Hallmark

Ever flip over a greeting card and check the price on the back? If you haven’t and you enjoy the ease and convenience of buying a card, then don’t. The price will make you cry and you will NEVER be able to buy another one! You may be thinking to yourself ‘well, isn’t her momContinue reading “Be Your Own Hallmark”