No Cost New Year’s

I originally published this post last year, but these activities are still great if you are looking for some kid/family friendly activities to celebrate with this New Year’s Eve. Christmas is officially done and my bank account is officially empty. Yet I find myself with one more week of winter break from school and twoContinue reading “No Cost New Year’s”

Kid’s New Year, New You Workouts

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Last Minute Gift Giving Guide

Have you found yourself a gift or two short when those last-minute house guests come calling? Here’s a few quick gift ideas you can whip up at the last minute. Keepsakes Made by the Kids: If you have kids, some paper, and some finger paint you can create this quick and easy handprint wreath orContinue reading “Last Minute Gift Giving Guide”

Kids’ Holiday Workouts

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Frugal Firs

It’s T-minus six days till Santa Claus is coming to town. If you still haven’t found that epic Christmas tree and are looking at being stuck in this situation: Then check out where you can get a good tree at a good price at the last minute with considerably less window damage. Artificial Trees: ResaleContinue reading “Frugal Firs”

Christmas Craft Corner

It’s T-minus one week till Winter Break! Are you ready to keep the kids busy and your wallet full? I didn’t think so. Here’s some fun ways to save your Christmas Cash for the New Year by using things you probably already have sitting around your house. Good Housekeeping had tons of great Christmas craftContinue reading “Christmas Craft Corner”

Kid’s Christmas Book Review Part 2: Yep, We Found More Awesome Books

We originally found these last year, but I’ve included the links to the free read alouds this year- enjoy! What the Dinosaurs Did The Night Before Christmas by: Refe and Susan Tuma was hilarious! The staging and photographing of the dinosaurs perfectly compliment this entertaining tale of the antics that only the most mischievous ofContinue reading “Kid’s Christmas Book Review Part 2: Yep, We Found More Awesome Books”

Open the Gift of Free Kids’ Christmas Workouts

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Have a Holly Jolly Kids’ Christmas Book Review

Check out our top picks for kids’ Christmas books for 2022. As always, I have included the links for the free read alouds on You Tube just in case your library can’t get a hold of a copy for you to borrow. In A Bad Kitty Christmas by: Nick Bruel bad kitty learns an importantContinue reading “Have a Holly Jolly Kids’ Christmas Book Review”

Cheap Christmas Cheer

Here’s a re-blog from last year. Most of it is still quite applicable to this year except, alas, Mooseheart is no longer doing its famed holiday light drive. Are you looking forward to those two weeks off from school with dread in your heart? Are you wondering what on earth you are going to doContinue reading “Cheap Christmas Cheer”